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Guaranteed Viewability

Custom ad-formats promises near 100% viewability

High Impact Remarketing

Remarketing on high impact adformats

Device Independent

Engage and reach consumers across device types

Global Reach

Reach consumers across geogprahies and demographics

Fraud Protection

Mitigate the risk of non-human traffic and click frauds

Real Time Reports

Get access to real-time reports with all standardized metrics

Brands, agencies, trading desks, demand-side platforms and ad networks use adgebra platform to reach precise audiences at scale, improve the performance of campaigns with guaranteed viewability and unmatched brand engagement. Catterpillar's is equipped to solve graving issues like ad blocking, click fraud and display banner fatigue with its no ad-code feature.

Catterpillar's value proposition is to give creative freedom to brands/advertisers and move beyond the traditional display banners. High impact ad formats delivered to relevant audiences across devices result in higher ROI thereby extracting maximum value from digital advertising channel.